Early Warning Systems – 空气取样VESDA

755When you have a fire emergency, you need as much warning as possible to protect lives and property from harm. The VESDA system is a “very early warning aspirating smoke detection” and is designed to alarm you to the danger as soon as possible. The VESDA air sampling fire detection system detects invisible by-products of materials as they degrade during the precombustion stages of a developing fire.

By actively and continuously sampling air, the system operates independently of air movements. Air samples are continuously drawn from the monitored environment, typically through a sampling pipe network with the aid of a high efficiency aspirator. The air samples pass through a filter assembly to screen out large airborne dust particles before they reach the fire detector. Once inside the air-sampling detector, the samples are exposed to a high-intensity, broad-spectrum light source. The incident light scattered from smoke particles in the air sample passes through a series of optical components to a solid state light receiver. The light is converted to an electronic signal and passed to the control system.

在控制模块, the signal is processed and presented on a graph to visually indicate the level of smoke present in the monitored area. Depending upon smoke levels and the preprogrammed alarm levels, the appropriate output signals are generated. The first of three staged alarm levels (ALERT) may simply indicate that the system has detected something out of the ordinary that should be investigated. The second level (ACTION) indicates that a potential fire exists and that emergency procedures should begin. The third level (FIRE) signifies an actual fire condition.

The Laser Scanner Control Module provides a range of features in smoke detection systems. All of the features can be either manually programmed or automatically configured. All system functions are programmed via the simple 4-key keypad. This system protects up to 20,000 square feet which makes it an ideal choice for a number of industrial facilities.

• Two-level security code protection of all features
• Push button selection of ALERT, ACTION and FIRE levels
• Push button selection of delays for each alarm level (from 1-60 seconds)
• On-board sensitivity selection from 50% to 200% of nominal rated detector sensitivity (adjustable in 1% increments)
• Programmable outside fresh air reference subtraction
• Airflow and detector fault sensing with user selected delay
• Instantaneous Fire feature. Instant progression to FIRE alarm in the event of an abnormally rapid smoke build-up. Any preset delays are overridden
• Day/Night alarm offsetting
• Comprehensive data logging facilities

Air Sampling and 灭火系统
When combined with a special hazards fire suppression system such as FM-200, Inergen, FE-13, 或二氧化碳, an air sampling system can complement the extinguishing system by reducing the probability of an agent discharge. Early detection allows area personnel to investigate small fires and handle them without the need of a system discharge.

Air Sampling High Sensitivity Fire Detection System Support
Assembling the right system for air sampling fire detection requires an expert. 在银河贵宾平台灾 & 安全, our fully trained staff will assist you in choosing the VESDA system that is right for your organization, prepare CAD drawings of your facility, and provide you with the data you need to feel confident in your choice of systems.

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